The scientific and chemical industry is one of the most specialized.

Excelling in this field demands not only specialized technical knowledge, but also a marked interest in innovation.

Our recruiters are conscious of these requirements. They have worked in various levels of these sectors and take the time to understand your needs and the related business context.

These are just some of the positions we can help you fill:

  • Sales director
  • Marketing director
  • Business unit manager
  • Product manager
  • Account manager
  • Major account manager
  • Representative
  • Service representative
  • Clinical specialist
  • Product specialist

3 reasons to choose Hubble

We make a difference in the scientific and chemical industries because:

We have the expertise.

We have been working in the scientific and chemical field for 25 years, most notably in pharmaceuticals.

We keep up to date.

We are aware of technological and organizational advancements and participate in training on a regular basis.

We adapt to your management style.

Our agility and flexibility allow you to continue functioning as normal. Our recruitment is made for you.

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