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  • 01 Talent is everywhere. Fortunately, so are we.

    • We look near and far for the best candidates.
      The reason we’re called Hubble is pretty simple: like the telescope, we scour the universe in search of the next great star for each of our clients. And we don’t stop until we find the best and brightest. With today’s competitive market, hiring and retaining top talent is becoming more and more important, and companies need a recruiting partner they can trust. A partner who knows the lay of the land. A partner who leaves no stone unturned in finding the best possible candidates. In short, a partner like Hubble.

  • 02 No one knows Toronto like we do.

    • Put our expertise to work.
      We have a legacy in the recruiting business that stretches back 40 years. Proudly Canadian, we live in Toronto, we have roots in Toronto, and we know the people, the businesses and the communities they serve. And this deep connection extends to the entire province of Ontario as well. So whether you’re looking for your next superstar in sales, marketing or any other key department within your company, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

  • 03 A little communication goes a long way.

    • By getting to know you, we build the best alliances for you.
      In today’s hyper innovative world, there’s still no replacement for the human touch. Instead of relying solely on algorithms to find you the right candidate or company, we’ll talk to you. Listen to you. Get to understand you. This way, when we do find a match, you can be sure it’s based on real insights and real aspirations that come straight from you. And everyone will win because of it. The best alliances, after all, are the ones that are mutually beneficial.

  • 04 We’d rather be better than bigger.

    • Unlike some recruitment agencies, we’re not about volume. We’re about people. And because we always keep things on a human scale, we’re able to devote plenty of time and energy to your dossier – all while giving you the personalized service you crave. Win-win.

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