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Do you have some questions?

If I have never used an agency before why should I consider using your services?

Because your time is better spent developing your business and dealing with your day to day.  Leave the recruitment efforts to us who solely work on sourcing top talent (this is our day to day!).

What sectors are you specialized in?

We focus on sectors we know best and in industries our own recruiters have worked in! We recruit in consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and corporate sectors.

Will you educate us on market trends?

Absolutely, the scope of our services is rooted in continuous education to our clients throughout the process. A clear understanding of the reality of the market and the available talent is part of what our partnership offers.

What positions do you offer your services for?

We are focused on filling sales and sales management roles.

How long does a recruitment process take?

We handle mandates with a high level of urgency and we also know that time and resources are required to ensure the best sourcing of top talent.  It usually takes 5-15 days from intake of mandate information, to benchmarking in the market to the submission of candidacies. The flow is then dependent on the client, and the speed of the interviewing and decision making process. To help streamline the process, we find it is critical to have key decision makers (hiring managers) involved from the beginning. With the competitive market in Ontario, it is key we build true partnerships with our clients who see the value in keeping top talent secured and engaged in the process until the successful placement.

Do you require exclusivity?

You are best served when working with one recruitment firm. Dealing with multiple vendors leads to duplication of candidates, and weakens your brand. The value of your brand is key in attracting top talent and held with the highest integrity – we conduct ourselves with the utmost pride and professionalism knowing the responsibility that comes with being entrusted to represent your interests in the market. We will not dilute your brand & we take the honor of being a recruitment arm of your business seriously. Every candidate we speak with on your behalf will be treated with the same professionalism that your own team would exercise.

Why are you charging a deposit to use your services?

Using our services is no different that when using financial or legal services. We use the same approach to helping you meet your goals. If you are engaging with us, your goals are to fill a position and a deposit equated to the investment of time spent at the beginning of the recruitment process. Once the placement is complete, the remainder of the fee is applicable.

Will you headhunt and do you meet everyone your firm recommends?

Yes, we identify top talent within active job seekers and we apply headhunting strategies to identify, attract and vet new top talent that is not "active" in the market. Our talent acquisition team is dedicated to the task of finding the best fit for our clients through various means.

We meet everyone we represent to future employers. From initial phone screen conversations to in person meetings we then benchmark top talent and then present our formal recommendations. Even if our process is always the same, we are never cookie cutter in our approach, meaning we consider the unique requirements of each client throughout the process.

Should we keep our job posted on job boards and keep interviewing our own candidates?

If you choose to attract and interview candidates outside of our process, keep in mind our efforts may overlap. This may cause setbacks and dilute your employer brand. However, if you do choose to attract talent, we recommend you refer potential candidates to our team for vetting and interviews. This will give you the opportunity to benchmark and compare the talent.

How many candidates should we expect?

It is in the best interest of our clients that we deliver relevant profiles that represent the best available talent in the market without overburdening the client selection process. Over the years, we have found that the magic number is between 3 to 4 candidates, with each having undergone extensive screening with our talent acquisition and recruitment directors. So the candidates that arrive to our client are qualified, interested and prepared.

What if we have a candidate we would like to consider outside of the profiles submitted by your firm?

We recommend referring the candidate to our team to undergo the same selection process as the talent we have selected. If the candidate is chosen, our guarantee of replacement will still apply.


Do you provide background, credit checks and detailed references?

Yes, absolutely. References can usually be completed within 24-72 hours. We also offer psychometric testing if required.

Do you offer your services across Canada?

Yes, our search capabilities extend to all provinces. We are partnered with top firms across Canada providing local recruitment experts to best source regional talent.

Why deal with a recruiter?

We are a resource for you, we are able to work with our current and potential clients to match the right opportunity to your skills sets, background and career aspirations. Our firm frequently works on confidential or exclusive mandates which you may otherwise not have access to. It is in our interest to see you to a successful career, because your success is our success. We will serve as your consultant and advocate to the best of our abilities.

Do you have any open positions specific to my vertical?

Our website job postings are up to date and reflect active searches so we suggest you peruse our site regularly and then reach out to the recruiter assigned directly with concise and specific reasons why you feel amongst the many people applying you should be considered for a position. This is your opportunity to stick out of the crowd so be bold and make your case. The market in Ontario is competitive so bring your best foot forward! Keep in mind we work with select industries and clients, so our positions will often require a unique set of skills or previous experience.

What positions can you help me find?

We focus on filling sales and sales management positions for clients within consumer goods, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial and corporate (B2B) sectors.

I am considering changing verticals, is this feasible?

Our clients engage us to find the best relevant talent in the market. Sometimes clients are open to a new approach and are willing to look outside of the box so getting to know you and how your skill sets may fit with different verticals will be key.

I am passively looking to change positions, are you able to help me see what is out in the market?

Certainly! Send in your resume to a Talent Acquisition Consultant and simply ask for a meeting! An introductory phone conversation will allow us to get to know you. If we have current or upcoming opportunities, we will ask to meet in-person to understand your background, skill sets and career aspirations. We can then work with our clients to identify the best role for you.

Does it cost money to use a recruiter?

Absolutely not, our fees are paid for by our clients.

Can you help me sharpen my interviewing skills & increase my chances of securing a new position?

This is part of our interviewing process and we are always open to sharing best practices. We are transparent and honest in our feedback to job seekers.

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