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We don’t do anything halfway.

Once you partner up with us, it’s go time. Your business? We’ll make sure we know it from top to bottom. The position you’re recruiting for? We’ll make sure we understand everything about it, right down to the smallest details. Guidance and support? We’ll provide it every step of the way. At Hubble, you don’t just get recruiters. You get recruiters who serve as your ambassadors.

We know your industry. Trust us.

Hubble covers four different business sectors, and our recruiters have extensive experience in each of them.  You can trust us to ask the right questions – we are curious by nature and focused on getting to know your business. That means we can speak your language, whether your background is in consumer goods, pharmaceutical/medical, business services or industrial. It also means we have plenty of contacts.

Then there’s our researchers. Experts in their field, they know how and where to search for talent, and will go to any length to find the people you need. Each time, every time.

With a name like Hubble, you bet we’re tech-savvy.

Our teams have a dizzying array of tools at their fingertips, which they use to optimize their online search times and leverage our current talent pool. Plus, they’re trained in psychometric testing, which helps assess a candidate’s strengths, the jobs that would suit them, the environments they’d thrive in, and a whole lot more.

Building relationships is what we do.

Technology plays a huge role in our day-to-day operations. No doubt about it.  But when it comes to creating strong relationships with clients, nothing will ever replace the simplicity of a face-to-face conversation. We take great pride in fostering human connections, and for us, meeting, sharing and listening is the best way to do it, especially since it helps us clarify what a particular client needs.

Sectors :

Our divisions

The Magellan Group is driven by a common goal: forging enduring matches between employers and candidates.

Count on the expertise of St-Amour to successfully match candidates with employers in the Quebec market.
Call on Strato, our executive recruitment division, to help track down the future leader you’re looking for.
Foresee the impact of your hiring decisions with psychometric tests from FlairTech.

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