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Personality tests and psychometric questionnaires aren’t just powerful tools – they’re essential. On top of complementing the recruiting process by providing insights on a candidate, they also help foster the careers of your leaders and employees by highlighting their potential.

Normative psychometric profiling rates a candidate’s aptitude in a variety of areas, including relational skills, analytical and decision-making skills, ability to manage stress, autonomy, ease of integration into a group, creativity and more. By pinpointing the candidate’s specific strengths, the profiling helps predict which role will suit them best, which in turn encourages retention.

So if you need to evaluate a potential candidate or continue the development of one of your current employees, turn to Hubble. Thanks to our online assessment platform FlairTech, we’ll help analyze the results, then formulate an action plan that will help you meet your objectives.

To learn more about the selection assessments we use, contact us today. 

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The Magellan Group is driven by a common goal: forging enduring matches between employers and candidates.

Count on the expertise of St-Amour to successfully match candidates with employers in the Quebec market.
Call on Strato, our executive recruitment division, to help track down the future leader you’re looking for.
Foresee the impact of your hiring decisions with psychometric tests from FlairTech.

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