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The cumulative impact of outsourcing combined with growing time-saving needs means that business services need to adapt. They must reshape their services to meet the needs of their clients and distinguish themselves through unparalleled quality.

We demand the same of those employed in the industry. There is a wide variety of profiles implicated in this type of recruitment, so our teams make sure they get to know the needs and culture of your company ahead of time.

You want your new recruits to fit with your company DNA. In addition to technical skills, our recruiters also certify the aptitude and personality of your future talent, as well as their adaptability and perseverance.

These are just some of the positions we can help you fill:

  • Sales representative
  • Account manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing director
  • Director of operations

3 reasons to choose Hubble

We make a difference in business services because:

We listen to you.

We align ourselves with your priorities and processes in order to deliver candidates who meet your expectations, at the times that suit you best.

We use specialized tools.

In addition to interviews, we have the ability to use psychometric tests to complete candidate assessments.

We create value.

Every step of the recruitment process must be beneficial. We make sure to focus on the essentials, offering you standardized and efficient processes that result in quick and sustainable recruitment.

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